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Stella the Sloth

 Sloth Experience

Meet our Linnaeus’s Two Toed Sloth,
Stella, and learn about these
fascinating creatures.

An epic experience you’ll never forget!


We are now doing Sloth Experiences with our sloth, Stella. This is a very unique and amazing opportunity to meet a real sloth in person! These programs are separate from our animal shows and petting zoos, as spaces are extremely limited. Stella is very bonded to one person so she will only be doing programs with her person. 
 Stella was born and bred here in the United States by a Veterinarian who has been breeding sloths for 30 years for zoos & education facilities. He cares tremendously for his sloths and where they go. We had to have a referral from another zoo who has one of his sloths in order to get on his list. We did a lot of research as we have wanted to get a sloth for a decade now but we don’t support them being taken out of the wild. With Stella’s help, we hope to be able to educate as many people as possible about these amazing creatures and how we can help them in the wild.
To learn more about Stella and follow along on her daily adventures, follow her on Instagram @stella_the_sloth_
We donate a portion of all proceeds from our sloth programs to sloth rescue, research and rehabilitation. The organization that we have chosen to support is The Sloth Conservation Foundation, please consider donating to them to help. They are doing some amazing things to help wild sloths.