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Our Animals

Our animals are extremely important to us, as is their health and well being. If any animal is showing signs of illness or odd behavior, we do not take them to shows. They will not return to shows until they are cleared by our veterinarian.



Animal Quest Available Animals

– Mini Pig (select events only. No stairs can be involved): not available until further notice
– Albino Burmese Python (10 ft)
– Cornsnake
– Ball Python
– White Nosed Coatimundi
– Jersey Wooley Rabbits 
– Dwarf rabbits  (our smallest rabbits)
– Chilian Rose Haired Tarantula
– Pixie Frog (Giant African Bull Frog)
– Baby Red Eared Slider Turtle
– Ferrets
– African Pygmy Hedgehog
– Guinea Pig  ( smooth haired & hairless)
– Bearded Dragon
– Quaker Parrot
– African Side Necked Turtle
– Sulcata Tortoise
– Red Footed Tortoise 
– Snapping Turtle & Wood Turtle
– Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches
– Russian Tortoise (small tortoise)
– Red Tegu
– Crested Gecko
– Chickens
– Pekin Ducks 
– Leopard Tortoise
– Patagonian Cavy
– Skunk
– Savannah Monitor (large lizard)
– Skinny pig (Hairless Guinea Pig)
– Chinchilla
– Goat
– Flemish Giant Rabbit
– Holland Lop Rabbit and French Lop Rabbit




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