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Frankie the Dinosaur


One of our newer additions, Frankie the Dinosaur, is real crowd pleaser! Here is your chance to get up close to and interact with a walking dinosaur that is part animatronic/ part puppet. Beware, he is pretty big and impressive! Frankie is about 7 feet tall and 12 feet long so he does need some space for wherever he goes. If you are looking for an epic addition to your party or event, Frankie would be the perfect fit! He draws a big crowd wherever he goes 🙂

– Birthday Parties

– Picnics

– Corporate Events

– Parades

– Festivals

– Libraries

– Park District events

– Business Expos

– Trade Shows

– Schools

– you name it! We can bring Frankie to wherever your event is.

Check out Frankie’s Facebook page for more photos and videos.