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Animal Quest Rentals

Animal Quest is pleased to provide animal “rentals” for use in television, film, advertising, or whatever other you may have in mind. A live animal is often an element an ad or other promotion needs to give it that eye-catching, ‘alive’ appeal. The rules are simple: an Animal Quest handler will bring the animal to your location and handle positioning or otherwise manipulating the animal however is required to suit your needs. Details on what you need, exactly, will be discussed when the appointment is made. Give us a call or email and we’ll be happy to set you up.

WildWorks Pet Training

Once in a while, we as animal lovers can run into problems with our furry and feathered family members — biting, barking, jumping, licking, scratching, running off, and house training, to name a few. We all want to get along with our pets, but sometimes you need the touch of a professional to get to the bottom of a behavioral anomaly and nip it in the bud. Not to worry — training is one of Animal Quest operatives’ favorite aspects of animal care, and we’re all too happy to provide you with the opportunity to give you a helping hand! The WildWorks training service brings a behavior management professional conveniently to your home in order to bring order to your pack, flock, pride, or what have you.

The Animal Quest: WildWorks training service breakdown:

1) Give us a call or send us an email. Tell us your name, telephone number, city – all that jazz.

2) Tell us a little background information about the animal.

3) Tell us about the problem you’re having with him, or whatever it is you’d like us to try
and accomplish for you.

4) We’ll get back to you and see about scheduling some training sessions with your little friend!

So give us a ring! We want to help — we love animals, and we love to see animals getting along with their people! 847-504-7036